Jane Sasanow

Jane works in print and paper cuts

Her area of interest is in the socialisation of children. How boys and girls grow into men and women who adopt certain roles, who have certain interests and conform to certain stereotypes.Her observations come from her upbringing as the only girl in a family with three older brothers, being a teacher in a mixed comprehensive school for over twenty years and having a son, a daughter and four stepsons. Jane looks for material for her prints in old children?s books, from the annuals from the early 1920?s to comic books that her own children looked at. She has also looked at how the media, particularly newspapers represent young men and women. She is particularly interested in how language is used as well as the visual representations of male and female.

Jane has also found herself drawn to collections of tangible objects: children's toys which have a timeless quality, such as dolls, air fix kits and windmills. These objects are often mundane, but become special as soon as you pay attention to them, they often have associations and memories contained within them, that touches us individually if not collectively.

She has also explored print beyond two dimensions and wanted to take printed paper and play with it, cutting and folding it, printing both sides and making artefacts with it. She says, :I think this goes back to how I explored the world as a child. I drew, cut and stuck things together and I have continued to do so into adult life.

MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking at University West of England 2012

Winner of 2012 Book Arts Prize awarded by Center for Fine Print Research, UWE


Jane Sasanow