Spice 2013


An exhibition featuring contemporary art of intense colour and contrast. The exhibition will be complemented, on the final weekend, with a sale of unique and gorgeous artist-made gifts - perfect for Christmas

9 to 17 November 2013

Open daily 10am - 5pm

Join us for drinks: Sunday 10 November, 12noon - 2pm



Basketry: Susan Early 

Ceramics: Richard Bideau, Linda Bloomfield, Ann Sohn Rethel 

Enamel: Penny Gildea 

Glass: Niki Crew 

Jewellery: Laure Filho, Susan Wilkinson 

Painting: Rod Ashman, Elizabeth Cowell, Lee Crew, Sandra Porter, Mary Edwards, Chris Hogget, Arabella Kiszely, Ellie Ling, Jaynie Tricker 

Printmaking: Judith Barker, Elizabeth Cowell, Lee Crew, Sandra Porter, Antonio Romoleroux, Tricia Torrington